Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Accidental Aphex Twin

This particular track was quite a departure from most of Aphex Twin's output.  "Avril 14th" was released on Aphex Twin's 2001 album Drukqs.  Drukqs was a double cd only released because Richard D. James left a minidisc player containing most of the tracks on a plane.  Rather than allow those tracks to be claimed by someone else or end up as a bootleg, they were reluctantly released by James. If it wasn't for James' forgetfulness we may never have never heard a beautiful track like "Avril 14th":


  1. If you were to play that track and ask me who made it, I would never guess Aphex Twin.

    It is so much different than his trademark style we hear in let's say "Windowlicker" or "Funny Little Man".

    Really nice peace, nevertheless, worth of putting in the "Relax" tracklist.

  2. I never know about Aphex Twin, but I really like this music. I feel very peaceful.